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HERMES Rare Birkin 40 Bag FAUVE Matte Alligator Palladium New, Never Worn
HERMES Rare Birkin 40 Bag FAUVE Matte Alligator Palladium New, Never Worn
Hermès Rare Birkin 25 Rouge Lizard-Never Used
Hermès Rare Birkin 25 Rouge Lizard-Never Used
'Game of Thrones Leather Jackets & Coats'
'Game of Thrones Leather Jackets & Coats'
Designer Handbag/Jacket Cleaning & Stain Removal
Designer Handbag/Jacket Cleaning & Stain Removal
Designer Suede Cleaning-Stain Removal-Restoration-Free Pickup & Delivery
Designer Suede Cleaning-Stain Removal-Restoration-Free Pickup & Delivery

                                                                            PAVA DESIGNER CLEANING

PAVA Designer Leather & Suede Cleaning. SHIP your stained leather items to us. For shipping instructions go to the bottom of this page and click on CONTACT US. Email us the tracking number when you ship it so we can monitor the shipment. Call (281) 486-7000 for FREE PICKUP & FREE DELIVERY in metropolitan Houston.

E-MAIL us the DIGITAL PHOTOS OF YOUR STAINED ITEMS for a FREE QUOTE to On the digital photos circle the stained areas that need our attention. If you have any questions call us, we would love to talk with you and answer your questions.

                                                                              PAVA DESIGNER LEATHER

PAVA LEATHER offers fine designer handcrafted leather and suede furniture, designer styles and fashions for leather and suede handbags, totebags, jackets, luggage, shoes, gift items and leather and suede accessories. We also offer professional leather cleaning services for apparel and furniture, in addition to leather cleaning products.       

Make PAVA LEATHER one of your favorite handcrafted leather and suede shopping web sites by bookmarking us for fine leather and suede fashions. Make WWW.PAVALEATHER.COM your home page for easy access to the web. If you don't see what you are looking for, REQUEST IT.

If you want PAVA to make a special custom made leather item for you, email us at or call us at (281) 486-7000, we are ready to assist you and take your order now.

PAVA LEATHER can make any color, any size, any style, any leather or suede texture for jackets, coats, handbags, totebags, luggage, furniture or any leather garment or accessory you desire!


                                                                         PAVA DESIGNER LEATHER FURNITURE

PAVA LEATHER will customize your leather and suede orders for designer furniture. Customizations are our specialty. We will make every effort to accommodate your special needs. If you want a different style, color, size or texture of leather in furniture we can design and make the furniture to fill your desires and needs.

PAVA LEATHER custom designs and makes the finest leather and suede furniture. Every piece is created to make your residence or office look distinct and special when you invite guess or the public to be in your company. Engross yourself into our PAVA custom leather furniture collection.

PAVA has handcrafted designer fine leather furniture. Our custom made PAVA collection is available in many colors and styles of sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, chaise lounges and ottomans. View our COLOR CHART at the bottom of the page.

PAVA Classic Leather Furniture Collection uses top-grain, pigmented cow hides with antiqued finish; hand-joined hardwood internal frame: dowelled, glued and screwed; solid beech bun feet stained in dark oak as standard; serpentine steel spring system with interwoven webbing throughout seat, back and arms; 100% fiber cushion fillings as standard: optional foam or feather/down; and finally individually hand-nailed brass studding. The PAVA furniture collection is for homes & corporate offices.

                                                                PAVA LEATHER DESIGNER APPAREL FASHIONS & STYLES

PAVA designs couture leather and suede fashions and styles for women and men's apparel. We offer a variety of fine leather textured products and limited edition exotic leathers. PAVA offer designer leather and suede fashions and couture styles in handbags, totebags, jackets, luggage, accessories and gift items. 

PAVA items are available in a variety of leather textures including buttery soft lambskin, cow & calf hide, sheep, goat, buffalo, washed or wrinkled leather and various suede textures, including cashmere suede, colors and styles.

PAVA has exotic leather jackets, hand bags, tote bags, luggage and gifts in styles and fashions of alligator, hippo, crocodile, ostrich, python, and lizard. PAVA LEATHER offers many colors for jackets, coats, handbags, totebags and fashionable leather items. Please email us at or call us at (281) 486-7000 for more information.


PAVA LEATHER FURNITURE CLEANING offers professional leather furniture cleaning services at your business,  residence or office for sofas, sectionals, chairs, loveseats and chaise lounges.  

Ask about our 3 STAR, 5 STAR, 7 STAR and PLATINUM professional leather furniture cleaning services for residential homes, commercial offices, apartments, restaurants, hotels and motels.

-3 Star Service is our economical leather cleaning package where we vacuum, clean and conditon leather furniture. Leather cleaning means we remove dust, dirt and grime NOT STAINS. STAIN REMOVAL & STAIN GUARD IS EXTRA.

-5 STAR leather cleaning service where we vacuum, clean, condition, protect and preserve the leather furniture.

-7 STAR leather cleaning service is where we vacuum, sanitize (antibacterial), deodorize (add fresh scent), clean (remove dust, dirt & grime), condition (restore oils, prevent dry-out & cracking), protect (protect against beer & wine stains) and preserve (prevent & kills mold & mildew) the leather furniture.

- Platium service is a combination of our 7 Star Service plus our three year leather protection plan. Call and get a FREE ESTIMATE today, (281) 486-7000.

-Clean & Remove stains from removable leather and suede seat cushions & covers. You can ship them to us via or Go to CONTACT US at the bottom of the page for shipping instructions. In Houston we will pick them up Free of Charge. Call (281) 486-7000.


PAVA LEATHER DRY CLEANING offers commercial leather, suede and fur dry cleaning, climate controlled storage and repairs for your precious designer furs, handbags, tote bags, skirts, dresses, coats, jackets, luggage and furniture for lambskin, suede, cowhide, furs and exotic leathers.

We service residents of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, New York, Cleveland, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C. & Atlanta.

PAVA LEATHER CLEANING removes ink stains, paint, mold, oil, food, wine, alcoholic beverage spills, pet urine and other hard to remove discolorations from your favorite suede and designer leather handbags and garments including exotic leather such as alligator, hippo, crocodile, ostrich, python, and lizard.

We also make leather repairs including replacing zippers, replacing handbag handles and repairing leather tears. REGULAR LEATHER OR SUEDE CLEANING DOES NOT REMOVE STAINS. STAIN REMOVAL & STAIN GUARD IS AN ADDED PROCESS AND IS EXTRA.

To prevent future stains, ask about our STAIN GUARD to prevent water & food stains from occurring on your leather.

If you have any questions, email us at or call (281) 486-7000. As a convenience to our customers, we offer FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY at your residence or office for cleaning, repairs and restoration for handbags, tote bags, jackets, coats and furs! You can also ship your leather items to us.

To send your items to us for cleaning and stain removal, go to CONTACT US at the bottom of the page for mailing instructions.

PAVA LEATHER CLEANING is the #1 Online Leather & Suede Jacket & Handbag cleaning service. No one cleans more Leather & Suede Jackets, Handbags and furniture than PAVA LEATHER.

LAST, PAVA offers WHOLESALE CLEANING SERVICES for independent cleaners, LICENSING and FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES world wide. We offer wholesale leather and specialty cleaning. Our focus is leather/suede and specialty garments for your dry cleaning stores. We supply the highest quality service that your garments demand. Email or call us today at (281) 486-7000.                                                                

                                                                           PAVA LEATHER CARE PRODUCTS

 PAVA LEATHER CARE also offers our popular and renowned PAVA LEATHER CLEANING products and supplies for those who want to DO-IT-YOURSELF LEATHER CLEANING for furniture, handbags or garments. We offer our signature PAVA Classic Leather Care Kits, our PAVA All Natural Leather Care products and our PAVA Herbal & PAVA Citrus Scented leather products for individual and commercial use. 

These products are available in leather cleaners, conditioners, protectants and leather preservers. We also offer soft cleaning terry and microfiber towels for easy application. The leather treatment products and towels can be used for residential and commercial leather cleaning purposes and are very effective, easy to use and washable. Call and place your order now at (281) 486-7000.

                                                                PAVA LEATHER WHOLESALE APPAREL & FURNITURE

PAVA LEATHER is open to forming business-to-business relationships in any part of the world.

Would you like to sell our renowned PAVA LEATHER COLLECTION in your retail stores or country? Are you interested in retailing or adding our PAVA LEATHER line in your store? Contact us specifying the items and quantities desired! Send an email to to learn more!

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